Advantages to Traveling with Kids 

My husband and I both are ridiculously optimistic and love to see the happy side of life. I find that true for most people who travel around their own country, and especially the world. Travel makes you a lot of things. Relaxed. Excited. Tired. And most often, anxious to book your next trip. At least those are some of the things that travel does to us Rubio’s.  Before we had kids, we traveled all over the world together and many people told us that it would stop once Olivia was born. We kept wondering why it would stop. Well, challenge accepted! It only made us want to take our kids more places and so that’s what we are doing! Traveling with kids has more advantages than people tell you about. Here’s our Top 7 Advantages to traveling with your kiddos.

Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA 2014

Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA. April 2014

1. You board first! We took Olivia (7 months at the time) on a whale watching trip in Washington and, as typical parents, we were running late to board the boat. We turned in our tickets and got escorted to the front of the 300+ person queue because we had an infant and a stroller. What a pleasant surprise! We got to choose our seats on the empty boat and use the restroom before everyone else got on. Also, many airlines let you board first when traveling with an infant.

Seattle Aquarium, April 2014

Seattle Aquarium. April 2014

2. They get in free! Most places don’t even charge for kids under 2 to enter, including flights! So why not just bring them? It costs nothing extra and they add a cute, smiley face to all your photos! Plus, many places with an entrance fee are educational so it’s a win!

Stopping to feed Adele a bottle at Krog Street Market. Atlanta, GA, May 2015

Stopping to feed Adele a bottle at Krog Street Market. Atlanta, GA. May 2015

3. They slow you down! Ok, this sounds like a disadvantage at first. But when you are feeding a baby something every 2-3 hours, it’s just easier to sit down in a comfy place and do it. A comfy place… like a restaurant, a shaded bench, or an ice cream parlor. This gives you a chance to have a drink & a snack or a fun people watching session in the middle of the day. And let’s be real, sometimes 30 minutes of R&R is all you need to kick it through the rest of the day walking around a new city.

Olivia loves bringing Piglet in the car with her!

Piglet is a staple for car naps!

4. It gets you comfortable with being off schedule and out of routine. There’s no such thing as a plane ride that fits perfectly within a baby’s nap time, or a car ride where a toddler isn’t ready to get out and run around. Time zones and shorter than normal naps are all a part of challenges you may face, but you can learn so much about your child when you put them in a new situation and watch them learn how to deal with it all.

Olivia loved the

Olivia loved the “paypal” so much that we got her a pink panda stuffed animal from Pandamonium at the Atlanta Zoo. We still call her Paypal 🙂 March 2015

5. This one is kind of obvious… It’s educational! There’s something to learn everywhere you go. For most kids, a hands on learning approach makes the biggest impact, which is why is so much easier to learn on the family field trip to a museum than just reading about it in a book. Check the city’s tourist website and create an itinerary where they’ll learn something every day.

Torrey Pines Park, San Diego, CA. April 2015

Torrey Pines Park, San Diego, CA. April 2015

6. It teaches them something more than what they can read from a book. Later in life it will show them that they didn’t stop your travel dreams or bucket list from coming true. It gives them a chance to experience new things and be a part of the adventure with you. Take that trip out west, or across Europe, and bring them too!

Family road trip to Savannah, GA in April 2015

Family road trip to Savannah, GA. April 2015

7. These are the little faces you love the most in this world! The best advantage of bringing them with you is showing them a whole world full of new smells and different languages, and getting to share that experience together! Let them enhance your trip, not stop it.

3 Comments on “Advantages to Traveling with Kids 

  1. Emily, you are an inspiration to all the parents with young children that would like to travel but are apprehensive. There is TONS of information giving you reasons why it is difficult to take your kids with you, but very little chatter about the bright side. However, you certainly are pointing out all the advantages of sharing the experiences with your kids. I think it is also helps to build a strong bond with your child as they grow. Some day they will be teens, then adults that will remember their family being together and having fun. Hopefully, they will continue the tradition of traveling with their families 😊 Keep on blogging….you will certainly have more followers than you can count! Love you, Valerie Sent from my iPhone



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    informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


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