Packing List for Flying with Kids

Chris with Adele on the flight from Seattle to Atlanta.

Chris with Adele on the flight from Seattle to Atlanta.

Flying with small kids and babies can be stressful when you don’t do it often. This list should be helpful for all the infrequent flyers out there!

Olivia looking out somewhere over the Midwest.

Olivia looking out somewhere over the Midwest.

Pack in your suitcase:

– Bottles & sippy cups. I recommend packing enough for a day and washing them all before bed. Don’t waste space in your suitcase with too many of these!

– Toiletry items: lotion, toothpaste & toothbrush, baby soap, thermometer, sunscreen, a few laundry detergent pods (if you’re renting a house), Desitin, infant Tylenol, and band aids. Don’t forget any prescriptions either.

Disposable placemats for restaurants and outside seating. Plus they’re fun to play with!

– Accessories for your baby: bibs, shoes & socks, hairbows, hats & sunglasses.

– Download your pictures from the day to your iPad every night with this handy tool. You would hate to lose your camera and all those adorable drooly photos! Don’t forget your camera/phone charger either.

– If you’re visiting friends & family, make sure to pack the outfit they gave your baby! Everyone loves to see their gift put to use.

– Leave enough room for souvenirs!

Nap and snack time while we wait for Chris to return the rental car.

Nap and snack time while we wait for Chris to return the rental car.

Pack in your carry-on:

– Enough baby food, snacks & milk to make it through the flight. Buy more at a grocery store when you land. We use this container for formula storage. Milk can go through security, so don’t worry about that. They will run a check on it and give it all back. Bring a baby spoon if you need it.

– Enough diapers & wipes to make it through the flight, but don’t run out! Buy more of these at the store too.

– Friends of ours traveled on 3 different international trips with their daughter before she turned 1 and gave me this awesome recommendation: Baby Björn bibs.

– A change of clothes, just in case.

– A few books & toys, but nothing with small parts. And nothing that is too loud.

– A pacifier or teething toy clipped to everything!

– Downloading Frozen on the iPad is a lifesaver! The girls also love 101 Dalmatians and never get tired of watching the puppies. That’s helpful on long flights!

– Olivia has a white bear  that she sleeps with every night and at naps so that is a staple in the diaper bag when traveling!

– We have never flown without our Björn. It’s so easy to use going through the airport (baby typically has to come out when going through security), and it’s so easy to sit on the plane with them in it so you can be hands free. Some flights allow you to have baby in it the whole time, others the baby can’t be in it during takeoff & landing.

– Hand sanitizer.

– Everyone’s passports!

Family airplane selfie!

Family airplane selfie!

But don’t stress too much about it. Your baby is not the first baby at your destination, so you can easily purchase something you forgot when you get there.

If the point of the trip is to visit someone, send them a list ahead of time and ask them to grab some items for you so it’s one less thing to do after spending a day in the air. My sister was also able to borrow two pack ‘n plays for the girls when we visited her in Seattle and she already had them set up for us! Most hotels have a rollaway crib for you, and some rental houses have a pack ‘n play available. This can be a deal breaker sometimes so check ahead of time!

Leaving Atlanta for Seattle. May 2015.

Leaving Atlanta for Seattle. May 2015.

Do you have anything that you can’t travel without for your little ones? Let me know! I’m all about convenience and making life easier!

2 Comments on “Packing List for Flying with Kids

  1. This is perfect! I will definitely use this blog as reference when J and I travel with our little one(s).

    I’ve also seen some parents hand out “goodie bags” that consist of earplugs and note from your little one, in case he/she isn’t enjoying their first flight. (Check out the link below)

    I personally wouldn’t include a bunch of candy. A few peices of gum seems more fitting for a flight.


  2. I wish I had known someone like you when I traveled with Will and Chris years ago. I’m sure your advise will help to give some other kids have a better trip 🙂


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