Beautiful Boston

Our stay in Boston was a quick 5 days, so they were full of fun, and very busy. On shorter trips, we prefer to stay in a hotel. We found a great deal at the fabulous Intercontinental Hotel Boston and couldn’t have been happier with the location, service and amenities. Their hotels are family friendly and we felt like their entire staff did everything to make sure our stay for fun and comfortable. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool (that we enjoyed every night) and was within walking distance to everything! Plus, a turndown service that includes dark chocolate and bottled water 🙂 The staff was superb! We parked our car and didn’t touch it again.
We visited in October, which was just incredible. The leaves were changing to vibrant red, yellow, and orange and it was a comfortable temperature to layer for a day of walking. We were not able to do everything we wanted, but here are our favorite activities in Boston:

1. Freedom Trail. This is really the main activity to accomplish in Boston. Sixteen of the historical sites are along this trail, and it’s easily walkable. So much to learn (or re-learn)! The entire trail is 2.5 miles long and with our girls, it took us about 2 days to completely visit each site along the trail. This is by far the easiest way to see most things you’ll want, and it’s also easy to wander off the trail to explore the other areas of Boston, which we did frequently.

2. Boston Commons. We visited this park daily, because it is in the center of the city, and is the start of the Freedom Trail. The leaves here were gorgeous and there’s tons of space for kids to run around. There is a big playground, restrooms, and a really fun carousel with a great view of the Boston skyline. Just outside the park is the famous Cheers bar!

One thing I would note, is it has some sketchy people selling marijuana (and I’m sure other things) and you can smell it all over the park. None of them bothered us, but we did everything to avoid them.

3. Public Garden. It’s almost hard to believe there isn’t an entry fee into these gardens because they are so gorgeous and well kept. There are incredible photo opportunities all over the garden and it is not to be missed. The trees, flowers, pond, etc… are all beautiful. At one end of the garden is Boston Commons and at the other end is the beautiful Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

4. Christopher Columbus Park. Another great park to visit! It was clean and well kept, and also had a playground and carousel. The park is right on the waterfront, with some restaurants and a variety of boat tours.

5. Beacon Hill. A beautiful residential area to visit, and definitely hilly! There are some really cute shops along Charles Street too. We spent our times zig zagging through the streets looking at the gorgeous homes.

6. USS Constitution. It’s free to visit this dry docked ship, all you need is a photo ID. There are free tours throughout the day and you can go downstairs to see the living quarters of the military that were once stationed on the boat.

7. Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We loved this historic, trendy outdoor shopping area built back in the 1820’s. Also known as Quincy Market, the old brick architecture and wide pedestrian walkways make a beautiful combination to enjoy some shopping or a nice meal on the patio.

Our original plans didn’t include Boston but so many people that we met along the way told us we should consider fitting it in, and we are so glad we did! Another trip back to this beautiful city is happening soon!
Watch our YouTube video from our time spent here in Boston! Click below or subscribe to our channel!

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