Fall in Asheville

We spent two weeks in Asheville at the beginning of November and loved that we were able to visit this time of year. There is no shortage of hikes and beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains all around town, even just to the grocery store!
We stayed in a cute little AirBNB in Swannanoa, about 15 minutes away from the main attractions. We loved this little house and the girls were sad to leave it too. It was very clean, had everything we needed, and was a great value. I would definitely recommend this house and hope we can stay here again.
The majority of our time in Asheville was spent driving through the fall foliage and taking breaks at different lookout points and playgrounds along the way.

Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves were unbelievable, as was the weather – our timing here was perfect! We spent the first week driving all over the parkway with the windows down and radio up! The lookout points were all over the place with incredible views as far as you could see. The speed limit is 45 mph so you’re never going too fast to miss any of the mountain scenery. One of our favorites was Mount Mansfield, which is tallest mountain along the east coast. We found plenty to do in each direction on the parkway and really enjoyed going off road a little bit to see some of the “untouched” parts of North Carolina.
Since we were there in November, many restrooms had already closed for the season, so that was a bit of a headache, but other than that, we loved our days driving on America’s Favorite Road!

Biltmore Estate. Hands down, one of our favorite ways to kickoff the holiday season! The property is beautiful and well manicured. Antler Hill Village has a petting zoo and playground for children, also with a few restaurants and shops to visit. There is also a winery with complimentary taste testing, making it America’s most visited winery.
The Biltmore’s front lawn and side gardens are other great spots for children to run around, smell flowers, and see some stunning Christmas decorations. We visited the inside of the home both day & night, and both are worth seeing if you can.
There are not many indoor activities so it’s best to plan a non-rainy day to visit.

Pisgah National Park. Located south of Asheville, Pisgah National Park has some kid friendly hikes with waterfalls. We also visited the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education which was a hit with the girls. There we fed fish at the hatchery, and learned about all of the animals native to North Carolina.
We stopped by two different waterfalls, Looking Glass and Linville Falls. Linville Falls was about a half mile hike (not stroller friendly) from the parking lot to the falls. An easier waterfall to see (it’s right next to the road) is Looking Glass Falls. Parallel parking is available on the street and you can see the entire waterfall from there, or climb down about 40 steps to the base.

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Watch our YouTube video from our time spent here in Asheville! Click below or subscribe to our channel!

One Comment on “Fall in Asheville

  1. Just watched the video. Emily, you do such a great job on these. Of course, you have the advantage of having the cutest family to take the pictures of. I really love them (the pictures and the family).

    By now you are in Costa Rico and I am sure – Makin Memories!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as you have the other places you have been. You don’t think the kids will remember stuff but on Saturday Penny remembered something that happened when she was really young (of course she has always been an exceptional child).

    It was so good to see you guys while you were in Atlanta. I really appreciate your Mom and Dad making sure I see you all and the Petersons. Olivia ran to me and hugged me and I’m not sure she would have done that if she had not just been with me. Even helped Adele as she “tolerated” a hug from me, while being held by someone she really trusted. I know they are a handful but so much of what you do is because of them. I have a Feeling there would be a whole lot more coffee drinking and less hiking trails if you didn’t have those two.

    Hope you have a really good stay. Really looking forward to Christmas visit. It will be a good one especially knowing that it will be the last one for a while. Be careful. Give em a hug for me. Love you guys.

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