Southern Utah

Some friends of ours live in St. George, Utah and they were so kind as to let us stay in their guest house for a few nights. Their two boys are about the same ages as our girls, and we had the best time with them!
We weren’t in town for very long, just a few days while heading from Colorado to California, so we didn’t get to do too much. But we can’t wait to make another visit and see even more of Southern Utah! There are so many parks and things to do nearby that we will surely keep it on our list of places to re-visit.

Zion National Park. About an hour outside of St. George is the entrance to Zion National Park. We try to visit any national park that we can while on this grand adventure since each one is so different from the next. Zion has these incredible canyons and sandstone cliffs that you can hike or drive to see, and each view is so worth it. There are some kid friendly hikes, and a cute shopping town just outside the park entrance. We packed a lunch, but there are lots of places to eat in town.

UTV Rental. We rented some UTV’s from Rent Utah Toys and drove throughout the scenic sand dunes of southern Utah. If this is something you can squeeze into your agenda, we highly recommend it! We got sand all over our clothes and faces, and sometimes thought we were going to flip or not make it up the mountain, which made this whole experience SO FUN! Our friends in Utah have their own UTV and bring their boys on it regularly, so they were familiar with the area; otherwise, a guided tour would’ve been necessary.
We didn’t bring the kids on this one, so we were able to enjoy an adventurous date that afternoon! One of our favorite dates yet! See more in our video link below.

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Watch our YouTube video from our time spent here in Utah! Click below or subscribe to our channel!

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