Paradise in Atlantis, Bahamas

Atlantis, The Bahamas

We had four full days in Atlantis and there’s so much to do that it still didn’t feel like we had enough hours in the day. Needless to say, we are already dreaming of our next trip back! Nassau, Bahamas is only a two hour flight from home, so why not?! Aquaventure. Voted inĀ TripAdvisor’s Top […]

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7 Things Kids Love About Santa Barbara

We arrived in Santa Barbara after making the drive up from Santa Monica, which was just under two hours. It took us a little longer because we stopped at El Matador State Beach for a quick, picturesque beach hike (shown above). This is the #2 thing to do in Malibu, CA according to TripAdvisor and […]

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Packing List for Flying with Kids

Flying with small kids and babies can be stressful when you don’t do it often. This list should be helpful for all the infrequent flyers out there! Pack in your suitcase: – Bottles & sippy cups. I recommend packing enough for a day and washing them all before bed. Don’t waste space in your suitcase […]

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Advantages to Traveling with KidsĀ 

My husband and I both are ridiculously optimistic and love to see the happy side of life. I find that true for most people who travel around their own country, and especially the world. Travel makes you a lot of things. Relaxed. Excited. Tired. And most often, anxious to book your next trip. At least […]

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